Thursday, May 8, 2008


first, I have to say I love this blog, it's very Unique. and to look at
all the good and bad times that are in this, like battle of the blogs,
me and Lexy's fight, and somethings that happened to us both.

but also the field trips we went on together, when we used to play soccer,
we met Yukino from this blog. and so much more.

it's like a Diary of us both. we met some pretty good people
while blogging, and I'm very good and close Friend's with Jan
from Diary2girls. I can't pressure Lexy to post, and she doesn't anymore

and, like I said before, it's not called Preteen, it's called Preteenz.

so I honestly can't do this blog alone. so, I'm very sad to say.

I'm shutting this blog down. and I'll miss it =(

Monday, March 31, 2008

Field Trip

Our class (and teacher) raise money all year long and Every Summer, we go on really cool field trips, but only once a year in the summer. like 2 years ago we went to Sea World in Florida. it was so much fun! there was this ride there that's sort of like a roller coaster. it's called I think Atlantis. when we (Lexy and Me) got on to the ride, we were really nervous. and all of a sudden Lexy jumped out and ran back down the line and the ride started and I was like "Lexyyyyyyyy"

then she bought me Ice


Sunday, March 30, 2008



I'm so happy!!!!

I realize.......I've been a big pain in the butt now that I think about it.....

sorry again Lexy! I'm so happy we're Friend's again! =D


Monday, February 25, 2008

Didn't work

okay that didn't work, but I tried to do the one where you put in the link to the picture instead. hopefully it will WORK!



the same thing that happened to Hannah happened to us.

the background is all strange.

so I don't wanna have that creepy naked guy on OUR blog so I'm gonna go on lock down for a while.
I'm gonna put this blog on publishers only. we'll come back after a while